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83 pcs Magnet Building Balls and Sticks

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Two Sets are recommended

Lets play with entire family and friends !!!

These amazing magnetic balls are super usefull for kids as well  as for adults.

It's a super time pass game, you can play with it for the entire day and you will not get bored of it. Your KID will go crazy for it.

Best way to play - Just give a chanllange to the partner to make a shape and see how he/she is able to make it.

It's a Puzzle -  These magnet balls can be used for puzzle game as well with lot of fun!!

Stress Buster -  It's a stress buster tool, you can play with at your work desk as well.

Use these balls to construct boulding and shapes, perfect for brain teaser.

Build an almost limitless amount of shapes and patterns using these magnetic balls. No matter what you do, the basic principles of magnetism and mathematics will let you build geometric and complex patterns. Playing with this space age gadget is a truly unique experience, you have to try it to believe it! 

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